Information about Life and Study in Oxford. If in doubt, ask one of the Committee
The content on these pages is constantly being updated as regualtions and procedures are changed throughout the academic year. We do our best to keep information current but please feel free to contact any of the committee, the Head Porter or the College Secretary to confirm details.

This information is aimed at both prospective and current graduate students. St. Peter's College Oxford offers an incredible opportunity to study alongside some of the greatest minds in the world and make friends with future world leaders of industry, media, finance, education and government. Come and visit Oxford to see for yourself. St. Peter's College is only 5 minutes walk from the mainline rail station and even closer to the bus terminal.

You've Got Mail
Details of how you can send/recieve mail in Oxford.

Fancy something to eat?
Find out all about catered accomodation or cooking for yourself

Look after yourself
Advice on security and personal safety in Oxford.

Supermarket sweep
We've put together a page showing you where you can go shopping for everything you might need.

Where to stay
All you need to know about halls and accomodation provided by St. Peter's College.

Welfare and Support
Find out about the internal pastoral care at St. Peter's as well as information on local health services and what to do in case of an emergency.

The KEYS to success
The crossed keys is a symbol of St. Peter's College that you will see upon our crest, above doorways, engraved into oak panels and proudly worn on the sports kit of our College teams. This is largely unrelated to the link above which tells you about how to get access to St. Peter's College - both the site and your room.

Your first port of call
Not just a pretty face, the porters are an essential link in the day to day running of any Oxford college and we at St. Peter's College have some of the finest on offer in Oxford today. If you still have no idea what I'm talking about read on...

The straight and narrow
As with all institutions, no one can escape a little regulation and beaurocracy. You'll find all the clauses and sub clauses you could ever hope to see (unless you're a lawyer). If you have any questions please contact Philip Palmer or Olivia Henley in the St. Peter's College Office.

Important Phone Numbers
Sadly we don't publish the number of our committee members, though they are obviously important people... and you'll understand why once you've got to know them.

The JCR's happy people club
Here's a link to details of the St. Peter's JCR Peer Supporters. They are all trained by the Oxford University Counselling Service and if you didn't know alread, all graduates at St. Peter's are members of the JCR and MCR.

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